What Are My Options if I Have a Cracked Tooth?

If you have a cracked tooth, it is important to contact your dentist and be seen right away. Cracked teeth can cause pain, and if not treated an infection can develop. Common causes of cracked teeth include an accident, chewing on hard foods, or a cavity.

At R2 Center for Dentistry, we provide dental restorations in Manhattan, KS, as well as many other services. Using skill coupled with advanced technology we provide solutions to many dental problems. If you are in pain and think you may have a dental emergency, we urge you to contact our office immediately.

What Options Are Available for a Cracked Tooth?


Crowns are a cap that can cover a cracked or injured tooth. Typically, crowns are placed after a root canal. They are a convenient solution for broken teeth and are thicker than other options, making this a durable solution. Crowns are made out of either metal, porcelain, or ceramic, and depending on the location of the tooth, will determine what type of crown is best. Porcelain and ceramic crowns can match your natural teeth and blend in nicely.


Veneers are tooth colored shells that are made out of porcelain or composite resin. They are placed over a tooth, and can help protect the tooth from further damage. Veneers can match the color of your natural teeth, and are a popular choice to improve the look of your smile.

Dental Implants

If the tooth can not be saved dental implants may be the right solution. Implants are durable and function like a natural tooth. The post is placed first and acts like a screw in the jaw bone. An abutment or connector piece is then used to affix a crown securely into place.

Root Canal

If you have an infection underneath your tooth or in the root area, a root canal may be the best option. Root canals can clean out any infection and seal the area off preventing further bacteria from entering. Crowns are then placed over the tooth to preserve what is left. Crowns can be made to match your natural teeth and look natural.


Bonding is a material used to try and fix the appearance of the tooth. This material is then hardened using a light. Bonding is the least invasive option and can restore a tooth’s appearance.


Depending on the size of the crack and location of the tooth a simple dental filling may be the answer. Any decay is cleaned out and the tooth is fixed using a filling material. Usually, the tooth is ready to be used again immediately after the filling is done.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can protect cracked or infected teeth. Sealants can help to fix holes in the teeth, and act as a barrier against bacteria. They can prevent cavities and are typically used on the molars and premolars.

With today’s technology we have many options to restore your tooth. If you think you have a cracked tooth and are looking for a solution, we encourage you to contact our office. R2 Center for Dentistry is the leading dentist in Manhattan, KS, providing quality and affordable dental care to patients of all ages. 

Interested in Finding out More About Cracked Teeth Treatments Near You?

If you are interested in finding a dentist near you that can handle and treat your cracked tooth, we encourage you to call R2 Center for Dentistry. Our office is conveniently located near Manhattan High and Theodore Roosevelt Elementary making us a great choice for families in the Manhattan area.
To schedule your appointment with us, contact R2 Center for Dentistry, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

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