Why Would A Dental Crown Be Needed

Crowns Manhattan, KS | Do Cracked Molars Require a Crown?

Cracked molars are common, and not every crack requires a crown. Crowns protect teeth from further damage and can restore a tooth back to its normal function. Cracks can happen from normal wear and tear, or can be from bruxism or teeth grinding.  At R2 Center for Dentistry we have years of experience in treating cracked teeth and placing crowns. Our staff works above and beyond, and always makes your health a priority. There are certain things we look for with cracks that may indicate a crown is necessary.

  • Crack appears dark and the surrounding teeth also appear dark.
  • Patient has severe pain when they bite down. This may indicate a root canal and crown are both needed because the crack is down into the structure of the tooth.

At R2 Center for Dentistry we are the preferred emergency dentist in Manhattan KS, and always provide exceptional care for all of our patients. Our doctors have years of experience in treating cracked molars and placing crowns, and take pride in restoring smiles. Our practice uses high end technology and equipment, and provides a calm and welcoming environment for our patients.

Why Are Crowns Necessary on a Cracked Tooth?

Cracks if severe enough can widen or further crack and over time, and can destroy your tooth. Crowns are custom and can help hold the tooth together and prevent serious damage. Crowns protect the healthy tooth structure underneath, and can stop you from having to extract your tooth. When crowns are made, they are customized to the size and shape of your natural tooth. They blend in and look natural amongst your other teeth.

If patients do not have any pain while biting, and we do not see any decay formed around the tooth crack, a crown may not be needed. Our team will always try and preserve your tooth before we resort to a crown or root canal.

What Can I Do To Prevent Coke From Damaging My Teeth?

If you have to have a soda once in a while, there are things you can do while enjoying your beverage that can help prevent damage to your teeth.

  • Use a straw to sip the soda. This will help keep the acid and sugar off of your teeth.
  • Drink soda only on occasion. Only drink soda for special occasions, or try and limit your intake to one soda per day.
  • Drink fast to lessen the time the soda has to interact with your teeth.
  • Rinse with water after you drink a soda. Rinsing after drinking soda can help wash the acids and sugars away from your teeth, and prevent damage.
  • Don’t brush right away after drinking a soda. Brushing right after drinking a soda can cause damage to your teeth. This is because the acid from the soda was just in contact with your teeth, and this makes your teeth more vulnerable to damage while brushing.
  • Attend regular cleanings and exams at your dentist. Regular visits will allow our doctors to identify problems before they become more serious.
  • Do not drink soda before bedtime. Drinking before bedtime just gives the acid and sugar all night to attack your teeth and cause damage.
  • Choose other beverages such as water or sparkling soda water that will not cause damage to your teeth.

Taking care of your oral health should be a priority, and this includes making good choices when it comes to your diet. Staying away from sugary foods and drinks can really help keep your enamel strong, and your teeth free of cavities. If you think you have damage from drinking soda and would like to come in for an exam, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us. Our team can help get your oral health back on track, and give you recommendations on what to change in order to prevent future issues.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Downtown Core?

If you are searching for an emergency dentist near you that can handle any dental emergency, contact R2 Center for Dentistry Manhattan. If you think you may have a cracked tooth, never hesitate to contact our office. We offer same and next day appointments, and always do our best to have you seen as soon as possible. Cracked teeth should always be addressed to prevent further damage to the tooth. Let our team help you restore your smile and get you back to feeling healthy!

To schedule your appointment with us contact R2 Center for Dentistry Manhattan, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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