Baby bottle tooth decay is caused by long-term exposure to liquids that contain high amounts of sugar. Some examples of these liquids are milk, juice, or other sweet drinks. When a baby drinks these types of liquids out of a bottle the sugars touch the infant’s teeth and gums. This sugar creates bacteria growth and plaque. If the child repeatedly drinks sugary liquids this can cause tooth decay or cavities.

What Can I Do To Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Primary teeth or baby teeth are very important for many reasons. It is always smart to try and prevent baby bottle tooth decay, so your child does not have issues in the future. Starting out your child with good oral hygiene from when they are young is important to set the stage for when they are older. Baby teeth help a child chew and speak properly. They also create the space needed for permanent teeth to erupt. If a child loses their primary teeth too early, this can lead to space crowding or other problems.

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Consider Changing Your Child’s Diet

A good way to prevent tooth decay in children is to try and change their diet. This can lead to better oral and overall health.

  • If your child is used to sugary liquids, try and dilute the liquids slowly and move away from them.
  • Try and get your child to drink water instead of a sugary liquid.
  • When your child is ready for a sippy cup try and wean them off the bottle. Drinking from a cup can help prevent decay.

Looking for a Pediatric Dentist Near You?

If you are concerned about baby bottle tooth decay and your child, we encourage you to make an appointment in our office. Getting in front of any tooth decay can help prevent further issues with your child’s teeth. Visiting our office regularly can get in front of issues before they become worse. Our staff can check to make sure your child’s teeth and mouth look healthy, and give you tips and tricks to help keep them looking great.

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